Of Emotions-Cat kicking World: Your Emotions will Drive Decisions you Make


Of Emotions-Cat kicking World: Your Emotions will Drive Decisions you MakeA narration is given of a boss who got late for work. Running after time, he over sped and was penalized. He was furious that the police gave him a ticket for a minor offense instead of looking for robbers and murderers. Getting to the office, he summoned his sales manager and inquired whether or not he had made sales.  When the manager was still explaining why they didn’t perform as planned, the boss shut him down and threatened to replace him in spite of his 15 years of service to the company.

Upset, the manager walked out, slammed the door, and called his secretary to check whether she had delivered a number of letters. As the secretary tried to explain why deliveries were delayed, the manager rebuked her and threatened to get her fired if she didn’t do the deliveries at the same minute. The secretary was mad, got the letters done, and stormed into the switchboard operator’s office and shouted at her, telling her to get the letters delivered or get fired.

The operator was also upset because it wasn’t her work to make deliveries. She delivered the letters anyway and got home. As she angrily entered the house, her 12-year-old was lying on the floor watching TV. She dragged the boy and asked him how many times he had been instructed to change his school clothes before watching TV.

The boy was disobedient and as a punishment, he was banned from watching television for the following three weeks. Upset, the boy went into his room, and as he walked in,  his tomcat passed by. The boy gave the cat some flying kick asking the cat to get out of the room!  Zig Ziglar asks, wouldn’t it have been so much better if Mr. Bill, the boss, walked into the switchboard operator’s house and kicked the cat himself? Whose cat have you been kicking recently? Have you been letting someone else kick your cat?

It is a negative cat-kicking world and we can easily get ourselves in the mix. Most of the time we think we have bad days could actually be a minute incident that we let take over our entire emotions and interactions. Just because your efforts are not being appreciated doesn’t mean they are not worthwhile.   Sometimes, most of the time, the reactions you get have nothing to do with you but the other party.

The danger in allowing people to kick your cat is that you can easily let go of what you have toiled for. Don’t let go of a dream because someone didn’t believe in it. Be aware of your emotions and instead of letting them control you, put them in check and know how to navigate through them without kicking other people’s cats. As EQ coach Mucha Mlingo says, “your emotions will drive the decisions you make today, and your success at work will be greatly impacted by your ability to understand and interpret them.”

Impossible is Nothing!

By Elizabeth Ekakoro Bore: Diaspora Messenger Contributor

Elizabeth is the author of Imagine the  world and create it, a powerful book that is an inspiration to all to re-ignite our zeal to dream. whatever you dreams,you can bring it to pass.

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Of Emotions-Cat kicking World: Your Emotions will Drive Decisions you Make

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