Fake Doctor Mugo wa Wairimu Jailed for 29 Years

Fake Doctor Mugo wa Wairimu Jailed for 29 Years
Fake Doctor Mugo wa Wairimu Jailed for 29 Years

Quack doctor James Mugo, popularly known as Mugo wa Wairimu, has been sentenced to 29 years behind bars. In a court ruling on Monday, November 21, Milimani Chief Magistrate Wendy Muchemi found Mugo guilty of 10 counts that were brought against him.

Among the 10 counts, the quack doctor was found guilty of running an illegal clinic and drugging patients to abuse them sexually.

In the ruling, the magistrate said that Mugo used his skills to drug his patients before sleeping with them at his clinic.

Further, the clinic that Mugo ran, Prestige Hospital, was found by the court to be running illegally as it was not registered.

In her ruling, Muchemi said that Mugo was a danger to the society as he used his skills to molest his patients instead of offering treatment.

“He is a danger to the society instead of using the knowledge he says he acquired to improve society he went ahead by purporting to be a gynecologist and administering drugs to them,” she ruled.

Before the ruling, Mugo had asked the court to give him a lenient punishment saying that he had elderly parents who would be traumatized by his imprisonment.

“I have elderly parents who are over 80 years old and went without meals to make sure that their son has a secure future. Seeing their son on TV every day is traumatizing to them,” Mugo said.

Mugo was first arrested and charged in 2015 with rape and illegally administering unknown drugs. In addition, he was charged with operating an illegal clinic in Githurai 44, Kiambu.

According to the prosecutor, on November 1, 2014, at Prestige Healthcare Clinic in Nairobi, Mugo raped a woman after giving her four tablets of an unknown drug.

Three years after his first charge, the controversial doctor was at it again. This time, he announced his return in a Facebook post dated October 14, 2018, saying: “The Quack Doctor” is back with a bang”.Mugo was still operating without official documents.

The Standard reported that he came back with a new name, new phone numbers and a new clinic, Millan Medical Centre in Kayole, Nairobi.

In 2018, he was again arrested by Flying Squad officers in Gachie, Kiambu County after being on the run for two weeks.

At the time of his capture, police said that he was hiding in a house belonging to his cousin.




Fake Doctor Mugo wa Wairimu Jailed for 29 Years

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