Ruto has 52pc approval rating in 100 days in office: Infotrak

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Ruto has 52pc approval rating in 100 days in office: Infotrak

A total of 52 percent of Kenyans in the latest Infotrak poll approve of President William Ruto’s work in office.

The survey was conducted on December 22, 2022 countrywide.

The survey sought to establish satisfaction for Kenyans regarding the economy, governance, gender equality, infrastructure, as well as other critical areas such as social welfare and foreign affairs.

Kenyans, 69 percent of them from rural areas, were asked to rate how Ruto’s government has promoted the rule of law, war on corruption, unity and cohesion in the country, reduction of price of commodities and support of small and micro small and medium businesses. They were also asked to speak on how the government has enhanced access to quality and affordable education, healthcare, inclusion of marginalised groups, affordable housing programmes, improved road networks and electricity access, and promoting good relations with other countries.

The President’s best score was returning port operations to Mombasa, where his performance is rated at 59.9 percent.

In economic pledges, President Ruto scored an average of 49.2 percent, his performance rated poor, with urgent attention needed. The best score, at 55.8 percent, was in enhancing financial inclusion through establishment of the Sh50 billion Hustlers Fund, followed by allocation of additional funds to county governments to support selected economic activities. He was also rated above average for increasing the collection of taxes through use of technology.

The president scored below average in improving the lives of low-income earners, lowering the cost of living and making food affordable and accessible to Kenyans.

He however scored above average, by appointing the six judges that were rejected by former President Uhuru Kenyatta and reforming the judiciary and the national police service.

The President’s implementation of his pledges on gender mainstreaming scored him an average of 52.5 percent, based on his establishing of women rights agency in his office, implementing he two-thirds gender rule and ensuring fair appointment of women in senior public positions.

Regionally, Eastern Kenya rated him the highest at 65.7 per cent, for returning pot operations to Mombasa, with Central Kenya giving him the most marks for appointing the six judges that were rejected by the former president.

Eastern Kenya also ranked his performance the highest at 60.8 percent for establishing the Hustlers fund, with North Eastern stamping his allocation of additional funds to county governments.

Out of 27.7 million Kenyans interviewed, 69 percent were rural population, with 32 percent coming from urban settlements. Gender considerations showed fair balance, with 49 percent of them being female, and 52 being male. Their levels of education varied, with the highest population interviewed, at 47 percent being in secondary school.

Only 12 percent were in university or pursuing postgraduate studies, 15 percent in tertiary college, and 23 percent in primary school. 79 percent of the total population were married, with single people comprising 16 per cent of the total population interviewed.

Barely a week ago, Raila Odinga, ODM leader termed president Ruto’s first term in office as a “road to nowhere” and rated it at four out of ten.

He explained that because of unfulfilled promises, Kenyans are now worse than they were during the campaign period when politicians made promises to save them.

“Where Kenyans expected and deserved a massive stimulus package to bail them out of the devastating economic circumstances, they got hit with the cancellation of the subsidies that had cushioned millions from the pain,” said Odinga.

“Off went subsidies on petrol, diesel, electricity, paraffin and school fees in these 100 days. Quietly they did away with cash transfer to the elderly, Pesa ya Wazee, and took away the Linda Mama programme that covered maternal services for economically disadvantaged mothers,” he added.

The president has however asked Kenyans to give him time to deliver on his manifesto, saying he is working to revive an economy that has been built on a foundation of debt.

By Mercy Chelangat



Ruto has 52pc approval rating in 100 days in office: Infotrak

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