Meet Amani: Your Personal Optiven Assistant



Meet Amani, Your personal Optiven Assistant
Meet Amani: Your Personal Optiven Assistant

  “Quality of Service is remembered long after the price has been forgotten” – Unknown

Hello, welcome to the world of AI.

With the increasing demand for fast, efficient, and personalized customer support, artificial intelligence has emerged as a valuable tool for enhancing the customer service experience.

Optiven is committed to adopting innovative ways to create an environment that positively transforms its staff, customers and other stakeholders through offering state-of-the-art products and services.

Amani is your personalized portal for accessing an array of Optiven Limited services on WhatsApp. 

As an Investor in Kenya or Diaspora, Amani will provide you with information on;

  • Optiven’s Latest Projects
  • Optiven’s Active Property Listings
  • Optiven’s Property Updates
  • Optiven’s Property Information i.e Prices, Location, Subdivision Map
  • Your plot status (Reserved or Sold)
  • Optiven projects Virtual Tours
  • Optiven Projects Offer Letters
  • Your Accounting Queries
  • Booking a Site Visit to our projects


You do not need to download any New Apps or set up an Account.

How do I access Amani?

You can access the Amani Chat bot on WhatsApp by saving the number, 0790300300 and just saying ‘Hi’.

Click here to view the Privacy Statement.

This month we’re enabling you to enjoy easter by investing through Optiven. For EVERY KES 500,000, you make towards payment of a project or instalment, you will get a shopping voucher worth KES 7000 to celebrate Easter.


Together inspiring possibilities.


Contact Optiven Group

Tel: 0790 66 77 99


Meet Amani: Your Personal Optiven Assistant

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