How To Invest And Succeed In America – Jambolist CEO Teresa Njoroge

How To Invest And Succeed In America - Jambolist CEO Teresa Njoroge
How To Invest And Succeed In America – Jambolist CEO Teresa Njoroge

The focus this week is on networking and connecting diaspora businesses in the USA. Teresa Njoroge will help us to navigate this topic.

Teresa is CEO of JamboList, a diaspora company focused on networking and connecting African businesses in the USA.

She is also an educator having years of experience as a teacher in the public school system in the US. The interview is conducted by Professor Monda of the City University of New York (CUNY).

Prof Monda (PM): What brought you to the United States from Kenya?

Teresa Njoroge (TN): I came here because I had a dream. It was back in 1995 and I had just completed my college at Kenyatta University. I decided to come to the US to study.

I came to America to pursue my Master’s degree. I ended up getting married and starting a family. 28 years later, I call America home!

PM: What got you interested in networking and connecting African businesses in the USA?

TN: I see myself as a community leader. One of the things we have done a lot is sharing information on businesses in the community, helping out at harambees and meeting people.

People used to ask me “Do you know someone that can do this or that for me? An immigration lawyer, an African business, or a hairdresser?” People were seeking business information for different needs they had. I was also inspired by the Jewish Rabbi Daniel Lapin who has written many books on how Jews are successful in business through networking and connecting business.

I thought these ideas could be impactful among the African diaspora community in my neighbourhood.

PM: Why do most African businesses in the diaspora fail?

TN: The first thing of course is that some of the diaspora businesses are never born. You come here and, in your soul, you just want to be a good employee. So, some of them are never born. Sometimes you feel like starting a business, but you procrastinate.

Lastly, it can also be very expensive to start a business. Tied to this, is the reality that sometimes people do not know where to go to get funding to start a small business.

PM: How should diasporans create business and investing opportunities for the diaspora community?

TN: Okay, in business, there are opportunities everywhere, but one has to do some research. See the areas that are needed and pursue that dream and do some research on the industry. Also, take fear out of the equation. Just jump in and do it! Start the business. Don’t overthink it.

PM: So, while we are on this question of diaspora investing, you have put together the idea of JamboList. You are also organizing a diaspora business expo. What is the JamboList? What is the diaspora expo? Where is it happening? Who will be attending?

TN: So JamboList is a company that is registered in the state of New Jersey, USA and Nairobi Kenya. We do marketing and consulting for companies. We bridge the gap between African-owned businesses here in the USA, in Kenya and Canada.

The diaspora business expo will be held in Somerset, New Jersey at the Double Tree Hotel on the 26th, 27th and 28th of May 2023. We expect the Lands Cabinet Secretary Mr Zacharia Njeru to be in attendance. In addition to this, the manager of Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) Joseph Waithaka will also be attending to launch their diaspora banking package.

We also expect Mr Joseph Chege Kamau, Chairman of Dhahabu Group to be in attendance. In addition to this, we expect thousands of diasporans from the East Coast, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, D.C., Philadelphia and Delaware to attend. It’s going to be a great event. You can more information on our company website.

PM: Any closing points you think you want to add before we complete this interview?

TN: Networking and connecting businesses is a critical element to diaspora entrepreneurial success in the US. Diasporans need to become less risk-averse.

Just jump into it and implement your business idea without undue procrastination. In addition to this, spread the word about events like the Diaspora Expo in New Jersey so that more people can become connected and grow.

We should all move forward together. It is more powerful to succeed collectively than only individually. Thank you again for having me on Citizen Spotlight.

PM: Pleased to have you! Good luck in your networking and connecting endeavours.


How To Invest And Succeed In America – Jambolist CEO Teresa Njoroge

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