Kenyan Man David Kipkoech Keter Faces Deportation in Canada

Kenyan man David Kipkoech Keter Faces Deportation in Canada
Kenyan man David Kipkoech Keter Faces Deportation in Canada. PHOTO/COURTESY

After spending eight years in Canada, David Kipkoech Keter, a Kenyan man, faces deportation which threatens to split his young family.

In a media interview on Wednesday, May 17, Keter disclosed that he moved to Canada on a visitor visa in 2016. After settling in the country, he claimed refugee status since he considered himself gender non-conforming and believed that his life was in danger if he returns to Kenya.

His refugee application was, however, denied with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada maintaining that Kenya was safe for him.

“I think persecution is already over there, like, waiting for me I’m fearing for my life,” Keter told CBS, an American commercial broadcast television and radio network.

He told the media publication that he received deportation orders in April, where he was directed to obtain travel documents in preparation for being flown back to Kenya.

In his defence, he argued that he was a straightforward citizen who lived by Canadian rules. He thus pleaded with the authorities to lift the deportation orders.

“I am a good abiding citizen. I follow the process,” he pleaded with the Canadian authorities ahead of deportation on June 9.

Keter feared that deportation would break his family. He has two kids with his Canadian spouse.

In the foreign nation, he held different jobs, including working at a nursing home and a food processing plant. His wife also expressed worry arguing that deporting Keter would cripple them since he was the breadwinner.

She pleaded with the Canadian authorities to lift the deportation orders.

By the time of this publication, Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua had not issued a statement regarding his deportation saga ordeal.

The Canadian Immigration Department had also not responded to his plea.




Kenyan Man David Kipkoech Keter Faces Deportation in Canada

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