Kenyan-Born Priest Arrested in United States for Sexual Assault

Kenyan-Born Priest Arrested in United States for Sexual Assault
Kenyan-Born Priest Arrested in United States for Sexual Assault

A Kenyan-born priest was on Tuesday arrested in San Antonio, Texas in the United States for sexually assaulting an old parishioner.

The priest who has worked in four churches in Texas since 2017 became a person of interest after a church employee and parishioner accused him of aggravated sexual assault earlier this year.

Following the accusations, the San Antonio Archdiocese hired a private investigator to get to the bottom of the matter.

The private investigator, upon completing the investigations, established that it was indeed true that the Kenyan priest had assaulted the parishioner on three occasions beginning in November 2022.

At the time, the parishioner was working as an employee at St. Rose Lima Catholic Church in Texas when the incidents happened.

The parishioner told the private investigator that she had gone to the priest for spiritual guidance but he ended up taking advantage of her vulnerability.

On September 19, after being convinced that the priest had committed the crimes, the archdiocese handed the files from the private investigator to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

The file was received by Sheriff Javier Salazar who after completing his own investigations, arrested him on Wednesday, September, 27.

Immediately after handing the file to Salazar’s office, the archdiocese suspended the priest and encouraged other victims, who could have been assaulted by the priest to come forward.

“We encourage anyone who is a victim of sexual abuse to contact law enforcement. We also ask that victims contact the archdiocesan Office for Victims Assistance and Safe Environment,” the church told its congregants.

The Sheriff’s office thanked the church for taking the matter seriously and making sure justice was served.

“It is really nice to see the Roman Catholic Church and the archdiocese leaning forward on this issue,” Salazar remarked after the arrest.

He added that the victim, due to some life experiences was in a very vulnerable position when the priest took advantage of her.

“Unfortunately for her, she chose somebody to confide in, to rely upon, that quite frankly preyed upon her,” he commented.

If found guilty of the crimes levelled against him, the priest will be formally excommunicated from the church.

Once released from jail, he will not be able to celebrate mass or lead a church service.

Additionally, if the US courts find him guilty, he will serve a jail term of 2 to 20 years.

Once released, he will be deported back to the country and will unlikely get a Visa to travel to the United States again.




Kenyan-Born Priest Arrested in United States for Sexual Assault

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