DP Gachagua Makes Correction on Sh10 Billion El-Nino Funds

DP Gachagua Makes Correction on Sh10 Billion El-Nino Funds
DP Gachagua Makes Correction on Sh10 Billion El-Nino Funds

Hours after claiming that the National Government had disbursed Sh10 billion to Counties for El Nino, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua now says that Counties are expected to use their emergency funds.

Addressing the press on Wednesday, November 22, Gachagua said that they were shocked to see Governors complaining that they had not received El Nino funds.

“We are shocked to see governors complaining that they are yet to receive money for El Nino from the national government; such money is not coming. We expect them to use emergency money within their financial provision or reallocate money within their budget to intervene for the people they govern,” Gachagua stated.

However, while speaking on Tuesday in Mombasa County, the Deputy President alleged that counties had received Sh10 billion to mitigate the impact of the rains.

“We have disbursed over Sh10 billion to Counties,” Gachagua said while urging Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir to utilize the funds to help the people of Mombasa who have been hard hit by the rains.

In a rejoinder, Governor Nassir noted that Counties had not received such funds and challenged the Controller of Budget to investigate the claims by Mr. Gachagua.

“There have been claims that the National Government has released 10 billion shillings for El Niño response to the counties. For the avoidance of doubt, despite the challenges, the County Government of Mombasa has managed its disaster response from our own source revenue and with the support of the Red Cross, other Non-Governmental Organizations, and independent entities with goodwill.

“Parliament and the Controller of Budget should investigate these claims of disbursement of 10 billion shillings and clarify to the people of Kenya where this money actually went because it did not come to the counties,” part of the statement by Governor Nassir told the press.



DP Gachagua Makes Correction on Sh10 Billion El-Nino Funds

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