Ksh153k Offer: Elsa Majimbo Dares her Critics to Prove she hates Kenya

Ksh153k Offer: Elsa Majimbo Dares her Critics to Prove she hates Kenya
Ksh153k Offer: Elsa Majimbo Dares her Critics to Prove she hates Kenya

Comedian Elsa Majimbo, who relocated to the United States at the peak of her career, has dared her Kenyan critics to prove allegations claiming that she hates her home country.

Majimbo, who rose to fame eating crips and recording short viral videos, confronted the online bullies who have often trolled her creative work.

In the latest back and forth with the keyboard warriors, Majimbo offered Ksh152,950 (USD1,000) to anyone who would share a video where she professed her hate for Kenya.

“I will pay $1000 to anyone who can produce a video of me saying the words ‘I hate Kenya’, “ she stated on her X page.

The comedian, who was featured on Forbes 2023 30 Under 30 Social Media stars, however, denied the allegations but did not clarify whether she would return to Kenya.

“Everyone says I do when I don’t and have never said those words, and I never will,” she further responded.

In her most recent video posted on her pages on November 17, 2023, Majimbo claimed that she was forced to relocate to South Africa first, at the age of 19, after she was discriminated against for her skin colour.

“I faced a lot of it when I grew up… there were a lot of comments on ‘oh, you are so dark.’ There was so much of that, and when that started happening when I was growing up, I was like, I will never progress in this country with this kind of mentality,”  Majimbo stated in the video recording.

She added that the reception she received online made her more comfortable in her skin.

“In the US, everyone is like, ‘Oh my God, look at your skin, it is so stunning, it looks like pearl, it’s shining.’ So why wouldn’t I not be paid in dollars?”

On Tuesday, May 25, the internet sensation and brand ambassador vowed never to return to Nairobi, Kenya, where she claimed she was once asked to bleach her skin.

“I found happiness outside (of Kenya). I don’t know where I am going, and yesterday my sister suggested travelling back to Nairobi to which I declined,” Majimbo, who dropped from college to pursue comedy, told Dubai vlogger Anash Bukhash in an interview.

“It is the worst option possible. I will return to South Africa, where I know I have a home. South Africans supported and defended me from Kenyan bullies. Kenya is not that place (to call home). It is tough, but life is tough,” she added.

Other than being featured on Forbes, Majimbo has also interacted with American pop star and multiple Grammy Award winner, Beyonce Knowles, appeared on Steve Harvey’s TV shows, and landed a lucrative deal with Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Cosmetics as a brand ambassador.



Ksh153k Offer: Elsa Majimbo Dares her Critics to Prove she hates Kenya

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