Mass Shooting: Kenyan Student Shot Dead in Manitoba Canada

Mass Shooting: Kenyan Student Shot Dead in Manitoba Canada
Mass Shooting: Kenyan Student Shot Dead in Manitoba Canada

A Kenyan student studying Biology at the University of Manitoba was shot dead on Sunday, November 26, 2023, inside a West Broadway home in Canada.

Melelek Leseri Lesikel, 29, was slain along with three others during a mass shooting at 143 Langside that also left one victim in critical condition.

According to Winnipeg Police reports, the incident occurred at around 4 a.m. Police found five people wounded after responding to emergency calls and raiding the residential block to rescue hostages.

Two of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene, and the three others were rushed to the hospital, where one died while receiving treatment.

Another breathed his last breath on November 27, 2023, marking the fourth mark in the death toll. The victim, who was left in critical condition, is being monitored for progress.

The Kenyan student, Lesikel was reported missing months before he was found dead. His former roommate, who used to live with him in 2017 before he moved out, confirmed to the Free Press Canada that they last spoke 10 months ago.

President of the Kenya Association of Manitoba, Pamela Obonde, confirmed that the deceased had a brother in the United States and a family back in Kenya.

However, the former president of the association, Sam Aguko, in his part, stated that he last spoke with the deceased’s mother around two years ago, when he was still the leader of the community.

“To be honest, I was surprised that he was in Winnipeg. All along, I thought he was back in Kenya and he was never coming back,” Aguko opened up in an interview.

During one period when Lesikel was missing, his mother reached out to Aguko to track and find him. The search party that reunited the mother and son was recently alarmed at learning that he vanished again.

“We tried our best to find him, but we never found him. Then his mom came to Winnipeg and he reappeared,” he said. “They were able to connect and she went home with him back to Kenya.”

Court reviews by the Free Press indicated Leseri had no criminal records that would prompt a search party to visit police stations to trace him.

Until November 29, 2023, police officers in Winnipeg had not arrested suspects related to the shooting.



Mass Shooting: Kenyan Student Shot Dead in Manitoba Canada

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