SECURING THE FUTURE: Kibali Cha Watoto Wetu Gardens

SECURING THE FUTURE: Kibali Cha Watoto Wetu Gardens
SECURING THE FUTURE: Kibali Cha Watoto Wetu Gardens: Kibali Cha WATOTO Wetu Gardens:

Kibali Cha Watoto Wetu Gardens by Optiven1/4 acre at 1,650 (All inclusive)

This project represents the heart of Malindi, offering lasting value as it stands along a road that is set for tarmacking: see the link: 

The properties benefit from county water access on-site, with Optiven committed to grading the roads and installing pitch marking poles.

This property is intended for the young; children, and youths. The project is set to significantly appreciate in value over the next 15 to 20 years.

If you believe in land banking, secure a 1/4 acre plot now at only ksh.249K ( 1,650 usd for 1/4 acre)

Parents can purchase for their children, with a maximum limit of two (2) plots per child.

The price is all-inclusive, covering transfer, legal costs, and more.

Additional features include:

  • Rich red soil
  • Fiber optics available within the neighbourhood
  • Water lines facilitated by Mawasco
  • Power lines within the neighbourhood


Kilifi Road, Before Weru Technical/ Before to Malindi Solar & 39 minutes from Malindi Town.

Interested? Please register here Today: 

In November 2023,  Optiven Group will provide an opportunity for investors with Optiven to take back home KSh 2400.

The cashback will be for any investments where the customers will redeem their investments with every payment of KSh 240K towards any investment.

This campaign will also benefit new customers investing in any projects within the Optiven portfolio.

The campaign will run throughout the month of ber 2023 under the title, “OptivenAt24.”

Invest Today!

Together inspiring possibilities.


Contact Optiven Group

Tel: 0790 66 77 99




SECURING THE FUTURE: Kibali Cha Watoto Wetu Gardens

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