Details of Canadian University Training Program for Kenyan Farmers-1

Details of Canadian University Training Program for Kenyan Farmers
Details of Canadian University Training Program for Kenyan Farmers. photo collage of a happy farmer (Left) and an agricultural technology. PHOTO/COURTESY

A Canadian University, Wilfrid Laurier in collaboration with Rongo University has started a program whose aim is to educate farmers in Migori.

The program shall entail education on modern approaches to food cultivation and distribution to address the gaps in the food production chain.

While speaking during the official launch Professor Samuel Gudu, the Rongo University Vice Chancellor pointed out the importance of stakeholder involvement in the program.

“Everybody in Migori knows how to grow food. All the stakeholders should be involved in the distribution of food of high quality that supports healthy living.” Professor Gudu stated.

Details of the Canadian Training Program

To run for seven years, the program will use the local media to amplify the voices of the local farmers and release key information to their targeted audience.

This program intends to use the available indigenous knowledge on food cultivation while incorporating agro-ecology (sustainable farming that works with nature).

“The project involves planning how we get people in a room, how to share knowledge and make the knowledge available. We are working with the media, farmers and graduate students” a representative of Wilfrid University stated.

He added that with the involvement of relevant parties, they would be holding meetings to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Farmers from Migori and other parts of Nyanza have struggled with human-wildlife conflict pitting farmers against wildlife such as monkeys that have terrorised them by destroying their crops.

A representative from the local community who was in attendance lamented disruptions in farming by birds. She expressed hope that they would find a way to handle the issue which has affected agricultural productivity.

The representatives from the Canadian University remarked that they would be working towards the development of agroforestry systems which are relevant for the locals with incorporation of the local knowledge.

The government of Kenya has been at the forefront in advocating for environmental conservation in fighting climate change spearheaded by President William Ruto.

Modern approaches to farming which shall be key in this program incorporate environmental conservation efforts such as agroforestry, which involves agriculture incorporated with the cultivation of trees.



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Details of Canadian University Training Program for Kenyan Farmers

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