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From diaspora with gifts coming back home

Christmas season is here, the time for long lost Kenyans to return home for the holidays. Some have been in the Diaspora for almost...

M-Pesa taps into diaspora cash-90 countries

M-Pesa customers can now receive cash directly to their phones from more than 90 countries after Safaricom signed a deal with an American money...

US courses that land handsome pay check

Kenyans who intend to study in the US and have a passion for engineering may not be disappointed after they graduate. The jobs are in...

Easy to understand “Story” WHY Diaspora Kenyans Work Double!

I will use pseudonyms on this one, because I don’t want any trouble. The  issue of DiasporaKenyans working doubles and triples has been up in the air ...

Diaspora Kenyans Responds To Biko Zulu’s letter

Diaspora Kenyans Responds To Biko Zulu's letter: Yesterday renowned writer  Bikozulu published a piece on his blog that has raffled a good number of feathers,

Status-less Kenyans in the Diaspora-Private matter

By claiming that half of the estimated 400,000 Kenyans living in America have no immigration status, former Kenya Ambassador

Video:Trouble Abroad-What is life like for Kenyans in the US?

Sad Video:Kenyans living in the United States have been in the headlines lately, albeit for the wrong reasons. Barely a week passes without news...

You will vote in next polls, Uhuru assures diaspora Kenyans

President Uhuru Kenyatta has assured Kenyans in the diaspora of voting in the next General Election. He said measures to ensure this happens were already...

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