Nairobi Capital, Inc. is a business finance and real estate development company targeting the emerging middle class in Africa. It is a US company incorporated in the state of Delaware, with its principal office in the state of Massachusetts, where it is registered to do business.

Currently, our main operations are in Kenya, via our wholly owned subsidiary, HelaSabili Mobile Capital Limited.

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Real Estate Development and Management ‑ (i) purchase, sale and development of real estate; (ii) hospitality real estate development; and (iii) construction of affordable housing.

Real Estate Financing and Investments ‑ (i) bridge loans; (ii) short‑term mortgage financing; and (iii) land banking.

Nairobi Capital deals in business finance and real estate development. Our focus is the emerging middle class in Africa, starting with Kenya. Nairobi Capital is properly registered and incorporated in the US, with a wholly owned subsidiary in Kenya known as HelaSabili Mobile Capital Limited. We have been in business for the last 8 years.


We provide a genuine and verifiable platform through which Kenyans (or other investors with keen interest in Kenya) can acquire properties at a fair and affordable market value. Our prices are the same for those in Kenya and those in the diaspora; thus we make them public to everybody through our online platforms. Our customers can make payments either in the US or in Kenya. We process and deliver title deeds, at either location, in record time. Our titles are accompanied with searches from land registry for certainty, and we provide a mechanism for our customers to do such searches for their own verification.


When it comes to real estate opportunities, Kenya is the place to be in the foreseeable future, with impressive Return on Investment (ROI) year after year. Our affordable plots/lots and shambas/land are tailored to suit various financial needs and abilities, all with flexible payment plans. We target high growth areas like Nakuru, Nanyuki and outskirts of Nairobi that are witness to rapid urbanization.

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