Kenyan Diaspora Anna Mwalagho on CBS TV Show

Kenyan Diaspora Anna Mwalagho on CBS TV Show

Kenyan Diaspora Anna Mwalagho on CBS TV Show

Kenya continues shining in the USA and we are proud for those leading the way. Anna Mwalagho, A poet, an actress, storyteller and a singer was recently interviewed on CBS TV Show. Watch and enjoy
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Anna Mwalagho-“Poems have been my antidote, my companion, my therapy, and my vision for the future and my best friend. Poems have been a channel for me to release my stress, frustration, fear, hate, pain, happiness, peace and love, all the emotions that one undergoes. One goes through a lot of adjustments and conditioning, when they arrive at a new place or country, in this case an immigrant, writing poems helped me a lot during my hard times and I survived through a lot because I was able to write poems and express what I feel, I inspired myself and would always encourage myself and believe there is hope for a better tomorrow, indeed I can say that poems also termed as spoken word, has been one of my main surviving tool, my armor, my shield and my love”





Kenyan Diaspora Anna Mwalagho on CBS TV Show

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