Kenya CJ allows lawyers to wear studs and dreadlocks


Kenya’s judiciary will entertain a new dressing code that will allow judges and lawyers to wear studs or even dreadlocks, Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga announced on Facebook and Twitter.

While responding to queries on the social media concerning the dressing code, the CJ noted that "the Judges of the Supreme Court have agreed that we have no issues with anyone appearing before the Supreme Court, wearing their studs.

"Our position is that as long as officers of the court – both lawyers and judges can appear smart, a stud – or indeed dreadlocks – should not hinder the administration of justice."

Dr Mutunga says the Supreme Court judges will not be wearing colonial wigs and robes.

"We will encourage the Court of Appeal and the High Court to review the dress code there. We will dialogue with them and the LSK and we expect the public to participate in the debate".

Source-Nation Daily


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  1. Isaac Newton Kinity says

    Among the many things Africans have copied from the West are the clothes we wear today, the means of transport we use and the education we ae using in our daily lives. It is therefore in my own opinion, inappopriate to dismiss the wig as a adressing code for the Judges, on the excuse that, it is foreign and Western. If Dr. Willy Mutunga is trying to Justify his wearing of ear rings in court, he should not beat about the Bush, and instead he should be straight foreward and say, “I cannot avoid wearing ear rings whenever I am”. Nevrtheless, he should remember how much controversy the matter generated when he fist wore ear rings in cout. But then, I am afraid to say that this new controversy that has been initiated by Dr. Mutunga, may dillute the hopes which Kenyans had just developed for the Kenyan judiciary recently. Kenyans had high hopes that the new appointees of the judiciary will address more important issues and obstacles that have caused a lot of suffering to Kenyans. Kenyans are still in agony. The unemployment,hunger, inflation and corruption continues to hurt Kenyans. Why waste time on petty issue like stud, deadlock and wig when there are more pressing issues?. This is not what Kenyas expects from the new Judiciary.

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