Election was conducted well, EU observers say


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The European Union Election Observation Mission says the general election was conducted well. However, the mission faulted network congestion for the failure of the electronic transfer of results.

In its preliminary report, the mission commended the IEBC for the way it carried out the process, from the campaign period to the actual voting and counting of ballots at the polling stations.

“Electronic transmission of provisional results was only successfully carried out in a small number of the polling stations attended by EU-EOM observers, with failures occurring most often because of the network was congested,” the mission has said.

The preliminary report, however, does not capture the manual tallying of final results at Bomas of Kenya by IEBC commissioners. This is expected to be incorporated in the final report to be released soon.

The mission said polling stations were adequately staffed and opening and polling procedures followed. However, the EU-EOM said secrecy of vote was not sufficiently protected mainly because of the way polling booths were arranged.

The mission said the closing of polling stations and counting of votes procedures were respected. This included the correct allocation of votes to candidates, determining valid and invalid ballots and the procedures for disputed ballots.


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