The attention of the Government has been drawn to allegations appearing in a section of the media to the effect that the Government is planning to arrest members of the CORD leadership. This is propaganda meant to paint the Government in bad light so as to generate sympathy for people whose political careers are wanting.

The Government would therefore like to assure all Kenyans that there are no plans whatsoever by any arm of Government to arrest anybody as alleged by members of the CORD party. Any information to the contrary should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

The said impending arrest is a diversionary tactic by the CORD leadership from their self inflicted woes ranging from the loss of the last general election, their loss of the petition at the Supreme Court and more recently their loss in the High Court of the now infamous Makueni nomination fiasco.
However, the Government will not abdicate its responsibility of ensuring that peace is maintained at whatever cost. Let nobody think or imagine that he or she can forment disaffection against the Government irrespective of his or her station in life and get away with it. This Government will jealously guard the prevailing peace in the country as is expected of it by the Constitution. CORD is therefore advised to put its house in order and stop blaming the Government for every woe that befalls it. Its cumulative losses are its own skunk and the Government has no wish to share with it the attendant flagrance.

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Muthui Kariuki, EBS

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