US envoy joins Devolution cry,urge State to speed up

US ambassador to Kenya Robert Codec has challenged the government to speed up devolution.

Codec said though the process may take some time, it is important for President Uhuru and his deputy William Ruto to fast track their promise for increasing citizen participation in government.

Codec was speaking during the 35th graduation ceremony of the United States International University in Nairobi on Saturday where 1275 degrees were conferred.

“Decentralisation of power, what Kenyans call devolution, holds the promise of increasing citizen participation in government. It is important that it be done quickly and efficiently, and that power genuinely be devolved,” said Codec. “.”

He called for an end the culture of impunity and corruption in public offices, and a resolution of land issues through devolution.

“Other challenges which should be looked into are building bridges among Kenyan ethnic groups by establishing a stronger sense of shared citizenship, and strengthening the rule of law,” said Codec.

The envoy also said Kenya must simplify the process of doing business, improve infrastructure fight HIV/Aids and stop poaching.”

Codec hailed the government for working towards improving economy but said the country needs double digit GDP growth for years to ceate the millions of jobs urgently needed for it’s young people.

USIU Vice Chancellor Prof Freida Brown said the university will spend Sh500 million on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. She said the BA (Criminal J) programme launched in 2010 is proving popular.

“With Kenya’s high crime rate, there is need of skilled and knowledgeable personnel including police service to fight global terrorism,” said Brown.

She said the university will launch a doctoral program International Relations in September. Also present during the ceremony was Businessman Dr. Manu Chandaria and Deloris Jordan, the mother of the famous basketball player Michael Jordan.

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