Jubilee tells off Raila and Kalonzo over dictatorship

JUBILEE MPs have told off Cord leaders Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka over claims that Jubilee government is becoming dictatorial. On Sunday, Raila and Kalonzo warned that the government was slipping into dictatorship considering the recent developments such as the passage of the media bill and the publication of yet another bill seeking to curtail NGOs.

Leader of Majority in the National Assembly Aden Duale said although Raila and Kalonzo are entitled to the opinion, they should bear in mind that parliament also comprises Cord MPs. He said the former PM and Vice President should look for other issues of national importance over which to fault the Jubilee government.

“Raila and Kalonzo are back again just to divert the attention of the jubilee government from delivering on its mandate. They should know that House business is not a Jubilee affair alone, for example the Media Bill went through the committee which some of the senior Cord MPs are members,” he said.

“They are just hypocrites who find faults in others when they are known to be the worst dictators. Raila and Kalonzo even in their own parties dictate matters with their relatives and cronies being favored. They should not behave holier than thou,” he added.

Kericho Senator Charles Keter accused Raila and Kalonzo of dishonesty. Keter said the two cord leaders should find meaningful business as their chances of leading Kenya were long gone.

“It should be clear to them by now that Jubilee government under the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto has just started delivering on its promises.Their chances of leading this country are now very slim as we are preparing to rule for the next 20 years,” said Keter.

Keter said Raila and Kalonzo should stop scathing attack on MPs over tussle with the Judiciary saying the two are on record slamming Chief Justice Willy Mutunga over the Supreme Court judgment that dismissed the petition challenging President Kenyatta’s election victory.

“Kenya now wants honest leaders who are consistent in their actions and deeds. I should remind Raila that at some point last years he referred to judiciary as Korti Bandia when it made ruling on election date. He is now accusing jubilee government of interfering with judiciary. Kenyans need break from unnecessary politicking,” he said.

Kajiado senator Peter Mositet and Tinderet MP Julius Melly said it was primitive for Raila and Kalonzo to single out jubilee mps “when their own flock in the House are not playing their role well”.

Melly said Kolonzo should mature up in his style of politics saying Kalonzo’s advice to cord MPs to walk out of House business was retrogressive.

“When you see someone of a stature of former vice president advising his MPs to boycott House business to protest displeasure be sure those are wrong leaders to lead this country,” Melly said.

Kalonzo on Sunday threatened that Cord affiliated leaders will walk out of the house if the Bills will be debated and won’t take part in sliding the country back to dictatorship.

Mositet said both Raila and Kalonzo should keep off East Africa Community affairs affirming that no government was set to scuttle the progress made in the integration of the region.

“My community is along the border with Tanzania and the insinuation by Kalonzo that Jubilee government is not interested with Tanzania is very wrong and insensitive and it is only aimed at poisoning the relationship the two countries have,” he said.

– the-star.

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