3 Simple Tips to Stop the Insanity in 2014

Did you know chances are high that you or someone you know could be suffering from a rare form of undiagnosed madness? Now that I got your attention relax, it’s a curable kind. Read on and find out…

With just 3 day left to wrap up 2013 many of us became introspective.  Some talk to themselves, some talk to others or and others don’t talk at all.

Generally we fall under one of the three categories:

a) People who are excited and happy. They can hardly wait for that midnight countdown to embrace 2014 and all its possibilities.

b) Others, uneasy about what the New Year holds are not sure whether to be glad, or sad.

c) Then there’s the majority. The ones who will just go through the motions of “New Year – new me”, but nothing will change.

After the New Year celebrations millions of people all over planet earth will continue the undiagnosed untreated madness. Because…

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Allow me to get personal and ask; which category do you fall under?

See everyone has a dream. A desire to have, be or do something that fulfills and makes us happy. Some people actually wake up and go about achieving their dreams. These are the excited ones in category A.

But many just go through life wishing things would change. Hoping to get lucky and doing nothing about what they wish would change. These folks are often sad and/or mad. Category B and C.

Good news is we don’t have to go through life sad, mad and passive, hoping things will change, but doing the same things over and over again.

We can stop the insanity.

As the year comes to an end it’s a great time to review what we achieved or didn’t achieve in 2013 by asking ourselves 3 simple questions.

What’s working?

What’s not?

And, what’s next?

After looking at the answers we can seize the opportunity the New Year presents to do things differently.

Below are 3 tips that can cure and make you immune to the insanity of doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.


Everyone should have one or more. A God-given vision for your life. What is it you desire to have, be or do that would make you happy? Buy a home, know God better, start a business, drink less, stay or get married, double your income, loose weight etc. You get the drift.

Take some time to think about what it is that you desire that would transform your life and bring you closer to your dreams in 2014.


So you have identified at least one area in your life you desire change – great! Now what are you going to do about it? Many people get stuck on the dreaming part. Came December next year, they are still wishing and hoping things will change.

But we can make quality decisions to live by design and not default.  Decide and then draft a plan of what it will take to make the dream reality. Have a plan, ask for divine assistance and decide you are going to work your plan.

3) DO

This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where we differentiate the insane folks from the normal ones. Yep, action-takers separate the boys from the men, and the girls from the women.

So you have dream, an area in your life you desire to see transformed in 2014. Great!

You have decided to do something about it, and have a POA (plan of action) Congratulations!

Now then – just do it!

You planned your work, now work your plan. The key is to take some action that leads to achieving your desired objectives. A body in motion tends to stay in motion, so even if it’s just one small step daily, do something in the direction of your vision.

See one year from now, God – willing I may just write this exact same article. What’s it going to be, will you be one of those who stopped the madness? I believe you can – if you want to.

Truth is we could all do with new beginnings sometimes. We can change what’s not working. If we want to. I for sure have areas in my life I desire to see changed in 2014.

The New Year presents us a clean slate. A fresh page in an unwritten book. The possibility to start afresh and dream again.

Let’s do something different to get the results we desire and see some dreams became a reality.

Let’s stop the insanity in 2014. Will you join me?

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your 2013 by reading my articles in this blog. I wishing you a blessed and happy transition into the New Year.

By Nancy Gathecha.

Visit Nancy here: www.setgoalsforsuccess.com


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