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As we get ready to celebrate 50 years of independence,a lot has been said about many people who have made a difference for the mother country Kenya.One of the Kenyan Daily newspaper hinted on the list of those great men and women to be feted during [email protected] but that list was missing many true heroes.Former journalist with Society magazine Laban G. Gitau gives us a scoop of what happened  during the Moi days and about some of the unsung heroes who should be on that list.Here below is the scoop.

This is also a heroes corner celebrating the Society magazine writers and editors for the brave and sacrificial fight against dictatorship, corruption, muzzling of the media, impunity in the administration for which the Moi regime detained them at the notorious Shimo la Tewa. We shared the dinghy room that had previously incarcerated Kenneth Matiba, Charles Rubia and where Ochuka and group of 1982 coup had been holed up. Many never came out alive and unless they have been erased, the walls of the torture chambers where we were held were covered with their graphic depiction of the coup plan and other writings that could have been their last words. Just to let Kenyans know, especially todays corrupt and hollywood style media that has virtually lost all vestiges of moral values and professional integrity. The level playing field took lives and the Society magazine editors and writers, Pius and Lois Nyamora, Mwenda Njoka, Laban Gitau, Mukalo wa Kwayera were lucky to get out quickly and alive courtesy of then US Ambassador Smith Hempstone and other foreign dignitaries, a vibrant civil society and God who plucked us out of a very inhuman machinery. Just saying.

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