A movie by a Kenyan American in Massachusetts

A young Kenyan American has attempted the impossible and gone only where people with big money go.Single-handedly,he has done what is done only in Hollywood.
Eddy Njenga,a resident of Lowell Massachusetts came to America to follow through on his goal of being a film maker .With a lot of hard work and planning and constant support of  good friends whom most  have been cast in the film ,he  has realized his dream and has produced the first film by Kenyans in the New England area.
“Faithful ” is a movie about a young man named Roger (Martin Maina) who is used to living a reckless
carefree life, without worrying about how his actions affect others (Moral lesson for Kenyan youth in Diaspora). At some point he realizes the error of his ways and tries to change his life through finding God, and later finds himself dealing with the consequences of his past actions which have now caught up with him.Click here to watch-faithfulfilm.com

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