96-hour visa: How to get a Dubai work visa


 96-hour visa: How to get a Dubai work visa

 96-hour visa: How to get a Dubai work visaIn general, there is no age limit to Dubai visa, however Immigration authorities may reject some applications from certain nationalities on ground of age especially if the person is traveling alone. For Nigeria, the rule says only those from 21 years (Male) & 25 years (Female) and above can apply for a Dubai visa.

Dubai offers a 96-hour visa, which is valid for 4 days and it is not extendible. This type of visa is usually for transit passengers stopping at Dubai International Airport for a minimum of 8 hours. This can either be obtained via your travel agent or an airline.

Another type of visa is the Tourist visa which is usually valid for a maximum of 30 days and you can extend for an additional of 30 days. The other one is a Visit visa and it is usually valid for a maximum of 90 days not extendible. The visit visa is granted to travelers going to Dubai to visit their families or on a long-term business visit.

All these visas mentioned above are usually single-entry visas. A single entry visa allows you to visit the U.A.E only one time. Once you have left , you will need a new visa to travel back.

There is also the Dubai Work Visa. If you intend to live and work in Dubaia work visa is mandatory. You must get a work contract or a valid job offer before going ahead with your visa application. The Dubai work visa is a multiple-entry visa: you can leave and re-enter the country anytime without additional formalities. You must get a work contract or a job offer from a local company or a foreign company based in Dubai to qualify. Your employer in Dubai (the sponsor) has to initiate the procedure by requesting a work visa for you at the Immigration Department. Fees apply and expenses for the visa and are normally taken in charge by your employer. If requirements are met, you will get your labour card once your work contract is validated.

Sometimes, people get a 3 months visa to Dubai in order to provide ample time to enquire about a job in Dubai. If they are able to secure the job, the company/agent then helps them process their work permits there.

Once you have the labour card in your possession, you have to apply for a residence visa, valid for 3 years and renewable. A residence visa is mandatory for foreigners settling in Dubai. The residence visa is issued by the immigration office in Duba. In order to get a residence visa, you must provide evidence of residence in Dubai (lease or rental agreement). Note that your residence visa will allow you to sponsor your dependants.


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