Sin weekend hits Nakuru hard during Prinsloo Rugby event

Rugby fans flocked Nakuru to watch the fourth round of the much hyped Sevens Series that kicked off on Saturday at the Nakuru Athletic Club (NAC) grounds.

To some of the youngsters it was time to show off their flashy cars, latest phones and clothes and plenty of drinks, even as Prophet David Owuor held a repentance rally at the same town.

Young lads most of them skimpily dressed despite the chilly weather, rarely followed the proceedings of the annual tournament, as their attention was drawn to food and booze.

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It rained heavily on Saturday, but the cold, mud and rain did little to dampen their spirits

Some of those interviewed by The Star did not even know which teams were playing in the two-day Safaricom sponsored series.

They donned sunglasses and a bottle of mineral water in hand, playing loud music in their cars, hired or personal.

“I travelled from Nairobi to enjoy with my friends. I’m not interested in the matches, all I want is to have fun and more fun,” said James Mwambo.

Christine Odhiambo said that they came from Nairobi to have fun and then pose and post their pictures on Facebook for their friends or fans to comment on.

Others, most of them school children on holiday, said they were attending the Prinsloo event to engage in binge-drinking, eat nyama choma (roasted meat) and dance ’till cows come home’.

“It is not important to know the teams participating in the matches. Our only objective is to drink and buy drinks for friends. Later, we will sample the town’s nightlife attending street bashes to full-fill what brought us here,” said Brian Kinyanjui.

And true to their words Nakuru was painted red on Saturday night as most clubs made booming business entertaining the youngsters till the wee hours of the morning.

At Platinum 7D Lounge and Rafikiz it is where it all went down.

“Sin weekend continues. Never seen ?#‎Naxvegas? this jam-packed with people. Businessmen are smiling all the way to the bank. God bless?#‎Prinsloo?,” posted one fan in his Facebook page.

The debauchery was happening just a kilometer south of the holiness and repentance crusade by Bishop Owour, where in contrast it was a time for miracles and repentance as the lame walked and the deaf heard.

However, ardent rugby fans said that there are the supporters who have been with the Kenyan rugby during tough and good times.

“The real rugby fans know what rugby is and the teams participating and all the top-notch players with their names. They have got their respective teams, and may have played rugby at one point in their life,” said Ken Wanyama.

“We do not mind those who come to seek attention from others and just earn popularity. For some of us, we come to support our teams and even individual players. We want the rugby to go to the next level in Kenya,” said Francis Makumi.

The curtains of the Prinsloo 7’s fall on Sund



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