Protesters raid Somali hotel in Mwingi demo

Mwingi residents yesterday staged demonstrations against insecurity.

The protestors almost set ablaze buses to and from North Eastern Kenya and Nairobi.

Ordinarily, these buses are packed with members of the Somali community.

Police had to shoot in the air to disperse the mob.

While other buses opted to turn back, some headed to police stations.

The demonstrators stoned an Earth Plane Company bus from Nairobi, before heading for a local hotel run by Somalis.

They threatened to smash the windows and doors and pour out all the cooked food.

The demonstrators said the buses ferrying the attackers from Northern Kenya pass through Mwingi to go to other regions like Nairobi and Mombasa.

They called for investigations of all residents and foreigners.

The demonstration started at 10am, at Umoja petrol station and proceeded through the town to head to the deputy county commissioner’s office.

Centre for human rights and civic education together with residents criticised the Mandera killings in which 36 people were killed at a quarry in Koromei, Mandera town.

“How would they feel if we stopped the vehicles and asked all the non-Christians to return to Garissa, Mandera, Dadaab or any other part of northern Kenya?” said a demonstrator.

Acting deputy county commissioner David Wanyonyi said demonstrations will not solve the security problem.


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