Diaspora Kenyan man Daniel Munyambu going for an MP seat in UK

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Councillor-Daniel MunyambuBasildon Councillor Daniel Munyambu is vying for parliamentary seat in Thurrock constituency, Essex, UK. He was first elected as a councillor in year 2011 where he won by 52% of total votes; he has been serving the community, making difference in their lives.

He now feels it’s the high time to deal with bigger issues affecting Thurrock residents that ranges from open border which allow free immigration that has increased high demand in housing among other social services.

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He says, him being an immigrant and having interacted, listened the concerns of British residents, he is in a position to bring to an end the unregulated immigration. He believes the time has come to protect the interests of Thurrock residents and to ensure the youth are guaranteed jobs which have been taken by immigrants from  Eastern European, most of them are economic immigrants who don’t give back to the community.

Immigration policy has betrayed the local people and unless Britain leaves European Union, this issue will never be solved as UK has lost parliamentary sovereignty. He will also ensure the re-introduction of National Housing Policy where the success of government will be rated on the number of houses built to meet the demand.

You can contact him [email protected] More to follow.


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