Mama Ida Odinga on Wednesday explained the circumstances that led to her husband, Cord leader Raila Odinga, to wear a torn shoe at a church function on Sunday.

She said that Mr Odinga’s shoe got torn after he knocked a stone at St John’s Everlasting Gospel Church in Imara Daima.

And it was immediately replaced.

According to Mrs Odinga, the former Prime Minister is one of the best dressed Kenyan public figures courtesy of her effort and good care.

She says that by the time the husband was leaving the house, he was smartly dressed and the shoe was well polished.


Ida said that she could not have let Mr Odinga out of the house in a torn shoe.

“Can such a thing happen under my watch really? I am a fashionista for crying out loud.

“I am the one who has been dressing my man and it is like some of you are not aware. Can I allow him to leave the house with torn shoes? Never,” she told Nairobi News in a phone interview.

“I have been taking care of Raila all these years and nothing of such kind as ever happened. This is a very small thing that should not even worry me,” she said.

She said that she has always been very keen on what her husband wears.

“As smart as I have been always, there is no single day I have let my husband down. He cannot leave the house unless I approve that he is smart. He has to be smart, that is key,” she says.


“If you look at Raila in all occasions does he not look smart? That is my work and it will remain that way, the shoes issue was just an accident,” she said

Mrs Odinga questioned if the type of suit Raila wore on that day was worth putting on with the torn shoe.

“Look at the suit that my husband wore on that day. It was classic even the shoes, were leather shoes. That could not be worn on torn shoe,” she asked.

Mr Odinga’s torn shoe was highlighted by The Standard newspaper.

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