RACISM:Chinese Restaurant in Nairobi Does Not Admit Blacks After 7pm

A Chinese Restaurant in Nairobi has been called out on social media for displaying racist behavior.

Bai Xing Ren Jia Family Restaurant next to Nairobi Hospital apparently does not admit black people after 7pm. Standard Group reporter Geoffrey Mosoku and his colleagues Patrick Mayoyo and Dennis Onsarigo, together with a Nigerian counterpart were surprised to be turned off at the gate on Monday, for the simple reason that they are black.

“We are told they don’t take in Africans after 7pm.” Geoffrey wrote on Facebook.

Some time last year, some men believed to be police officers raided the premises, mugging and harassing the guests, most of them Chinese. The Chinese Association in Kenya soon made the decision that no black African should be allowed in the premises after 7pm.

This case sounds quite similar to 2013’s Artcaffe saga.


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