The Magic of Gospel Singer Esther Wahome: Ideals in Kenya Celebrity Network


The boys at Sunshine High School were gathered in their dinning hall, which acts as the chapel. The philosophy of boarding schools remains entrenched in the lives of parents in Kenya. Unlike some of the Kenyan government Universities, which have become nothing but the devils workshops, Kenyan High Schools remains the best thing to happen to education in our short history. Great places for molding young minds!

Those who may disagree with my passing statement might want to talk to the children who attend Egerton University. Once a pillar of great agricultural learning with a well founded curriculum, Egerton was closed because the students rioted. I knew one of my young men was attending first year. Therefore I asked him to describe honestly the state of Egerton. The picture he painted was heart breaking. He talked of drunkenness where students are found in the trenches. He explained how many young girls are nothing but prostitutes. He told me of endless weekend parties, drug abuse and topped the story by explaining how AIDS may be rampant!

After listening to him, I decided to talk to his parents. They were stuck on Edgerton as a good traditional school. But their son’s story of students not going to class and professors not knowing whether students attend classes, or whether they qualify for graduation made a point. They took him to Kabarak University.

High schools like Sunshine invites musicians like Esther Wahome. I was the guest speaker and was blessed to listen to this Kenyan Gospel singer live. What stood out was that all the boys knew her songs. But what they will remember was that when she stood to sing, she did not play the CD and mime like many “musicians” do. Rather, she recognized the talent in the school band. Called them out to play with her!

These boys rocked the house with her song DAWA! When she finished, she challenged them in the ways of the Cross. Imagine graduating from such a well founded high school. Imagine getting such celebrities influencing your life. Then your parents take you to Edgerton University? How do you keep the faith in such an environment?

I am not passing judgment, but relying on a testimony of a young man who found himself in Edgerton. The other day he called me to thank me for recommending Kabarak University, “Sir, I just want to thank you. I am where all young people of faith should be.” For those who go to sunshine, the parents have made the right decision. As for me, I am not a “celebrity nut”, but Esther Wahome Rocks!

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) HTBluff Associates. A EMG consortium #HTBluff. Diaspora Messenger Columnist


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