Rosemary Odinga has called upon Kibra residents to seize an early opportunity to register for national IDs in what will probably further fuel speculations over her intentions to vie for an elective position the 2017 General Elections.

Speaking at the Kamukunji Grounds in Kibra constituency, the daughter of CORD Principal, Raila Odinga, said that she had approached Registrations of Persons in the wider Langata and Kibra area who agreed to lax some of the stringent rules which have hindered thousands of area residents from obtaining IDs.

“Even in the absence of a birth certificate, youths here should be able to get IDs so long as they have their parents’ IDs and a letter from the chief. Officers involved with the application process will come to you on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and thereafter we will even conduct a door-to-door campaign,” said Ms. Odinga.


She argued that lack of IDs denies the young people a chance to get employment, access financial programs such as the Uwezo Fund in addition to denying them a chance to register as voters so as to elect their preferred leaders during elections.

Ms. Odinga said that Kibra was just a start as she will soon be taking the mobilization campaign to other constituencies in Nairobi and later countrywide.

Ms. Odinga gave a subtle hint of the possibility of her contesting for political office in the next General Election.

“At the moment, you have elected leaders including MP Ken Okoth. Kindly support him as he serves you but who knows what will happen tomorrow? We will speak about that when the right time comes,” she said.

She was accompanied by several ODM Kibra Constituency chairman Ochieng Jera, several MCAs and local leaders. 


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