Why sale of molasses in Central Kenya has been banned by government


The war against illicit brews in the country is still on since President Uhuru announced a crackdown on the illegal trade

The government has now banned the sale of molasses and yeast in Central Kenya as one of the ways of fighting illicit brew manufacturing

The government has banned the sale of molasses and yeast in Central Kenya in what it says is a move aimed at fighting illicit brew in the region.

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Announcing the ban, Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibichu said that those engaged in the sale of molasses and yeast should now stop immediately because the two products have encouraged manufacturing of illicit brews which have caused havoc before in the region.

Molasses and yeast are the two major ingredients in the manufacture of illicit brews.

Speaking in Embu North on Thursday, March 3, Kibichu ordered the area administration to liaise with others from the larger central region to ensure that the products are wiped out of the region.

He also warned traders involved in the sale of the products that they will be prosecuted if found.

The latest is among the many concerted efforts employed by the government to fight the manufacture and sale of illicit brews.

In mid-2015, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced a war on illict brews across the country. The crackdown eventually took off, with many litres of the brew confiscated and destroyed.

Addicts were also taken to rehabilitation centres where they received treatment as they recovered.

Uhuru’s directive came after a number of residents in Central Kenya died after consuming the illicit brew.

In Thika, for instance, more than six people were killed when they bounced on a box containing bottles of the killer brew and consumed it.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga is known to own a plant which manufactures molasses in Kisumu. It remains to be seen if the directive affects his business.


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