2 neighbouring countries support chaos in Kenya, govt says


RAILA-ODINGA-ORANGE– Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe has said that two of Kenya’s neighbours are working with individuals in the country to subvert the government and cause chaos.

– Kiraithe said the individuals working with the two countries would be named once investigations are complete.

– This comes at a time when CORD and allies have been holding weekly anti-IEBC protests.

Two neighbouring countries are working with some Kenyans to distabilise Kenya, government spokesman Eric Kiraithe has claimed.

Kiraithe, on Monday, May 30, said the government had learnt that the countries were supporting some political activities aimed at creating instability, insecurity, lawlessness and strife in Kenya.

“Investigations into recent political activity have yielded intelligence to the effect that there are individuals within the country who are working with two neighbouring countries to subvert the government and create conditions of instability, insecurity, lawlessness and strife,” he said.

Kiraithe added that the undertakings were acts of treason and betrayal of Kenya.

Any person who collaborates with an enemy of Kenya is also an enemy of Kenya and will be met with the swift, full and unmitigated wrath of the law; he warned.

Kiraithe did not mention the two countries, neither did he name the Kenyans who are apparently working with them. He promised to name the individuals after investigations are complete.

“In due course the government will be revealing the results of our investigations and unmasking these despicable traitors. We urge public patience in this matter,” he said.

The government’s statement comes at a time when the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) and its allies have been holding weekly protest against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

neighbouring countries support chaos in Kenya

CORD leader Raila Odinga, on the same day, vowed to resume the anti-IEBC demonstrations on Monday, June 6, until the current commissioners are out of office.

The coalition’s co-chairmen, senators James Orengo and Johnson Muthama, had on Wednesday, May 25 announced that the anti-IEBC demonstrations weresuspended to give dialogue and peace a chance.

The fourth round of anti-IEBC demonstrations, on May 23, saw three people lose their lives and several others critically injured. Most of those injured were said to have been shot by the police.

Raila has been urging his supporters not to stop the weekly anti-IEBC demonstrations, despite the excessive force being used against them by the police, until the commissioners are out of office.

He has maintained that the demonstrations are within their rights as stipulated inArticle 37 and 38 of the Constitution.


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  1. LWK says

    Wow, I’m surprised they don’t accuse Russia of being involved. I mean Russia seems to be the main squeeze these days when it involves allegations of treasonous dealings. But neighbors they are not. Just comrades. And what about China? Pretty soon, China will have rights to every oil well, port, oil pipeline, and mineral and mining and energy source in every African country, including KENYA. That might have a destabilizing effect too. Is someone selling out Kenya’s mineral and land rights to foreign interests for the sake of short-term gain? Come on you jua kali journalists, you can do better than chasing after what politicians tell you to chase. Check out the deals that are being made with other countries if you can; the ones that will have both short-term and long-term effects. Be wise and be real, if there is anyone like that anymore. But I suppose you have to also be careful.

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