Raila’s daughter criticised over Sh50,000 house-helps salary proposal

Railas daughter criticised over Sh50,000 house-helps salary proposal
Raila’s daughter criticised over Sh50,000 house-helps salary proposal

Raila’s daughter criticised over her ‘Sh50,000 house-helps salary proposal’
Cord leader Raila Odinga’s daughter is under “social media flames” after she criticised the middle class who pay their house helps less than Sh50,000 per month.

Winnie Odinga had posted that “Middle-class Kenya needs to wake up. Every time you pay someone less than Sh50,000 a month you are responsible for creating a home in the slum”.

She posted on her younger brother’s, Raila Odinga Junior, Facebook account on May 18, 2016.

Odinga was reacting to criticisms leveled against her father who has been leading weekly protests in Nairobi to push for the removal of IEBC commissioners.

Several people were injured during the Anti-IEBC protests with police been accused of using excessive force to disperse the protesters.

President Uhuru Kenyatta asked the opposition to follow the law if they genuinely wanted to reform the Independent and Electoral Boundaries Commission.

“Surprised? Or did you think Sh12,500 would afford your house help a chalet in Muthaiga? A lady in Mukuru kwa Njenga, Mathare, Kangemi, who believes her vote was stolen is 100 percent capable of reasoning that this electoral commission must go,” Odinga said.

Odinga accused the electoral commission for being responsible for the riots and forcing on Kenyans a corrupt, tribalistic and elitist government.

“Just peer out of the tinted window of your Subaru to see all the people you splash water on when it rains. That is real Kenya,” she said.

“Life isn’t always Village Market, Mercury or Nakumatt Junction, real life in Kenya will not be shown on Netflix it will not be televised”.

She said the Kenyan middle class’ online chastism of the lower class right to protest is the “most disgusting, elitist thing” she had ever seen in her life.

“It is a complete lack of understanding to believe that people take to the streets because they are “commanded” to do so by politicians or the uppity assumption that they are unable to reason simply because they are lower class,” she said.

Odinga asked if it was fair that the lady paid to wash underwear, clean floors and bathe children “and has two children should be paid 10,000 shillings a month doesn’t have anger inside her?”.

She further urged the middle class to read “The flame of freedom” adding “if you have read it, read it again”.

The book describes the eight glorious years spent by the person in the forefront of “unlawful protests” at Nyayo torture chambers, at Shimo la Tewa prison in Kamiti.

This post attracted criticism from social media with Kenyans asking in which world does Winnie Odinga live in.

Onesmus Muasya said “Winnie Odinga your 50k statement is either fallacious or inciting. Men in uniform get 22k”.

Another user Ahmedkadar said Odinga should

stop her bossy nature adding “before we pay house helps 50k, when was the last time she contributed or participated in a charity activity?”.

Mr Kinangop said Odinga telling Kenyans to pay house helps 50k was no different from the Princess telling peasants to eat cake because there is no bread.

John Nyiggih said “Winnie Odinga doesn’t know that KOT are the middle class! The upper class are eating our taxes while the lower class have no internet!”.



Raila’s daughter criticised over Sh50,000 house-helps salary proposal

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