JKL VIDEO: 4 Shocking Comments Atwoli Made on Jeff Koinange Show


JKL VIDEO: 4 Shocking Comments Atwoli Made on Jeff Koinange Show

Popular television journalist Jeff Koinange on Wednesday hosted outspoken COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli in one of the most hilarious interviews.

For the most part of the interview, Koinange was left in stitches as Atwoli provided weird and sometimes hilarious responses to the interview questions.

Here are the highlights:

1. Car That Changes Colour

At one time, Koinange sought to know the truthfulness of the claims that Atwoli’s car has a chameleon-like feature that allows it to adjust colours depending on the weather.

“There are things that we own that we wouldn’t want to explain or expose….but if you come to visit I will give you a ride you feel how it is because it’s the only unique car in Kenya,” the trade unionist responded with gusto.

2. Number of Children, Wives

As Koinange persisted for more details on Atwoli’s custom-made car, Atwoli cleverly changed the topic.

He said: “And why aren’t you asking me about my children? I expected you to ask as I said that men should have 3 wives”.

Surprised by the comment, Koinange urged him on.

Atwoli argued that women comprise 65 percent of the world’s population and that men have a responsibility for the ‘excess’ number of women through polygamy.

After revealing that he had 2 wives and was looking for the third one, Koinange sought to know how many children Atwoli has – only that the response was unexpected.

“I have 45 children, 15 biological children plus 30 adopted ones. No other Kenyan has adopted 30 children without a foundation,” Atwoli said with pride.

3. Trusted Kenyans

The long-serving trade unionist also spoke on the people kenyans trust most, “In this country we are only three Kenyans who people listen to; and you can carry out an opinion poll. One is President Uhuru Kenyatta because he is a President”.

He added: “The second one is Raila Amolo Odinga who can give Kenyans a holiday outside government gazette holidays. If Raila says tomorrow there is no work in town, there is no work!

The he dropped the bombshell: “The third one is Francis Atwoli. Jeff, If I say you are a thief, Kenyans will know you are a thief. Wherever you go, nobody will believe you”.

4. Accessing President Uhuru

Atwoli had earlier on in the interview bragged that he was the only Kenyan who has stepped foot, “on all the cities of world”, including the White House and in Central China.

However, he complained bitterly, almost falling off Koinange’s bench, that he is unable to access President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“In my senior position as Secretary General of COTU workers and a spokesman for workers in the whole continent, I cannot see my president at will! What type of a country is that? Atwoli posed.



JKL VIDEO: 4 Shocking Comments Atwoli Made on Jeff Koinange Show

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