Kenyans wait for Abraham, Esther after ‘Moses’ spotted in Nairobi

Man spotted along Tom Mboya street./COURTESY

Kenyans are anxiously waiting for other Biblical characters to appear in Nairobi after ‘Jesus’ and ‘Moses’ have been spotted in the city.

On Wednesday evening, a man resembling Jesus was seen on Moi Avenue.

Business came to a halt as many stopped to take selfies with the unidentified long-haired, thick-bearded man.

Two days later, a picture of ‘Moses’ on Tom Mboya street started doing rounds on social media.

The man with long, white and unkempt hair is believed to resemble the Biblical Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt.

Jana ‘Jesus’ was in town taking selfies with everyone. Leo pia Moses ametokelezea pale Archives armed with the 10 commandements,” read a tweet by Wyect Kingsley.

Ebu niulize Esther anakuja lini (May I ask, when is Esther coming?). My Bible tells me she was ‘a sight to behold’,” he continues.

Sally Kimaru said: “Samson anakuja lini abomoe nyumba zenye NCA zimeweka X?” (When is Samson coming to demolish buildings condemened by NCA?)

“Sasa nikumwongoja Abraham,” Kento Kelechi said.

But others noted something sinister in the occurences.

“After Jesus was spotted in town Leo ni Moses amekuwa hapo Tom Mboya. Maybe kuna msee anadraw attention yetu aki grab lands mahali (someone might be diverting our attention to steal land from us),” Dalmas Osoro said.

Kuna walami wamekuja kuwapima akili (these white people are coming here to test us), huh … ati Jesus in Nairobi, mara Moses in Nairobi,” WeckeSir said.

Kamau said “One thing is clear: Holywood has done a great job of instilling images into our brains. We see things the Holywood way.”

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