PHOTOS:Isaac Kinity,The Diaspora who dared and succeeded to protest in Nairobi


Call him a daredevil,when Isaac Kinity,the Kenyan Diaspora human activist announced that he was going to Kenya to protest the disappearance of Mr. Dickson Bogonko Bosire and Mr. Albert Muriuki on October 21st 2016, (KENYAN DIASPORA ACTIVIST GOING TO KENYA TO PROTEST) many Kenyans thought that he was crazy and others thought that he was bluffing and that he could not do it.

Well,he carried out his plan and today,January 12th 2017 with other Kenyans conducted a peaceful protest in Nairobi demanding for a fresh and a thorough  investigation into the disappearances of Mr. Dickson Bogonko  and Albert Muriuki.

The  successful protest started at Uhuru  Park, then went to the  Police Headquarters and ended up at the  Attorney  Generals chambers. After the protest,Isaac Kinity went to the BBC studios for an interview that was live.

According to Mr. Kinity,they were received well at all the offices they went to and he is optimistic that a fresh investigation into disappearance of the two Kenyans will be conducted soon.

Here below are the photos:

By Isaac Kariuki/


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  1. Job okerio says

    thanks grandpa you have dared it and its successful it our pleasure having you in Kenya again and again.Awesome

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