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Shahbal criticises Joho for flouting traffic rules on boda boda ride

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho on the boda boda he took after his motorcade was blocked by police at Nyali bridge, March 13, 2017. /MAUREEN MUDI

Suleiman Shahbal has criticised his troubled rival Hassan Joho for flouting traffic rules when he took a boda boda on Monday.

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Joho, who is Mombasa Governor, resorted to this mode of transport after police blocked his motorcade while he was on the way to the President’s Mtongwe ferry launch.

He told the press that GSU and Flying Squad officers told him they were under President Uhuru Kenyatta’s instructions.

Shahbal, who will vie for Mombasa county chief, noted Joho did not have a helmet and a reflector jacket “as he tried to sneak past a police road block at Nyali bridge”.

The Governor took the boda boda because of a huge traffic snarl up on North Coast roads as GSU officers manned Nyali bridge.

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But Shahbal said on Tuesday that it is the county government that caused the traffic by removing their traffic marshalls from the roads.

He later withdrew the county marshalls’ theory and replaced it with another, in which he blamed the Governor for mismanagement.

Ananiah Mwaboza, Shahbal’s running mate, said: “He [Joho] will be arrested. He is not above the law.”

Other Jubilee leaders in Mombasa told Joho off for “disrespecting” the President and “deliberately creating a chaotic scene”.

The party’s Mombasa chair Matano Chengo said the Governor will be treated according to how he conducts himself.

“If you behave like a Governor, you will be treated like a Governor. If you behave like a chokoraa [street urchin] you will be treated like a chokoraa,” Chengo said on Tuesday.

The war of words between Joho and Jubilee leaders, led by the President, escalated on Monday during the Mtongwe launch.

Bones of contention include development, Jubilee and the Opposition’s fight to control the Coast and the establishment of a dry port in Mombasa. This is aimed at easing the movement of goods through the Standard Gauge Railway.

The President said Joho had done nothing for the people and was only hanging on to the national government’s coat.

“Clean the city. Do your job, don’t follow us. If he plays with us we will flog him,” Uhuru said.

“It is a sad thing to have leaders who don’t understand … don’t play with me … Mombasa is for everyone,” he also said, adding Joho was following him as if he was his wife.


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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a politician actually publically say he (and/or his followers) would ‘flog’ someone since the time of Pontius Pilate who sent Jesus for a flogging before allowing him to be crucified. I mean this is a very bad business indeed for a leader to bring such brutal words to a political meeting. Also, it makes me a little ‘gag’ nauseous if I have to hear another Kenyan man say ‘If you act like a ____ we will treat you like a _____.” All Kenyan women know what goes in the blanks (because it was even said in Parliament by a grown male MP who likenened himself to another Biblical character–Solomon who had more than 500 wives. Unforunately, the President likened himself to the wife of the Governor, that is if the Governor has only one wife. Of course, the President made sure men in Kenya could have a limitless number of wives when he signed the unlimited wife Marriage Act of 2014, so it would be very hard indeed to follow all of them around, given that some of them are even ‘secret’ wives. But if you opt for more than one, and the others feel a little lonely then don’t expect perfection, since obviously the men are nowhere near perfect and don’t even care. Perhaps the women should take on more than one husband since husbands take on more than one wife–I mean there is no law preventing this is there? But then again, why should women behave as badly as aome of the men do and give in to their nonsense? Well, I am very sorry for all the nonsense that goes on in Kenya’s mano-a-mano political showdowns because if this is how politicians behave and speak then what hope do Wananchi have?

  2. Customarily, it is the boda boda driver’s duty to carry an extra helmet and vest for passengers, isn’t it? Well I guess some boda customers don’t like to get their hair messed up and refuse; although for Hassan, it’s not a problem since helmets don’t interfere with beards. But it is a ‘cool’ photo of the Gov. Boda thee well, Hon.(Sir) Governor Joho. Perhaps more govs should be out among the people. On another note, saw a ‘cool’ movie called ‘Captain Phillips’, a.k.a. ‘Irish’ (portrayed by Tom Hanks) whose cargo ship and crew eventually made it to Mombasa after an encounter with Somali pirates that did’nt end too well for the pirates. I hope they get that dry port built at the Port (sans corruption)…I mean it takes months to get things out of that place and sometimes they never get out because of the roadblocks out of the Port and then the antiquated weigh and pay center after they finally do leave the port. I mean, after that Captain and his crew on the Maersk Alabama braved Somali pirates getting around the Horn of Africa and finally got to Mombasa with their cargo, it would have been a worse crime to hold the contents hostage from leaving the Port as normally happens. You got to pay if you want to play as they say. Welcome to Mombasa!


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