The Green Card Lottery: A Peasant Daughters’ Joy!

The Green Card Lottery: A Peasant Daughters’ Joy!
The Green Card Lottery: A Peasant Daughters’ Joy!

A Kenyan making a difference in the USA:There are several bills in congress aimed at eliminating the Green Card Lottery program. This program gives many foreigners the opportunity and privilege of migrating to the United States legally for Permanent residence. It is a program that has seen many dreams come true while creating cultural misery for others. In one African country, over 1.3 million people applied to leave their country within one year and migrate to the United States. That is almost the total population of Kiambu County.

While it is a joy for many to win the Green Card Lottery and settle in the United States, others find that winning this coveted privilege is not all bread and butter. The presumed entry into the United States and finding a red carpet of jobs and opportunity evade an individual when they finally arrive at the port of entry in the United States of Amazement. The program must be taken with a grain of salt: One must have a dream and a purpose before joining millions who migrate to the US annually. The American Dream can end up being only a dream if one does not plan on how to actualize it in real life.

For Norah Kibagendi the Green Card lottery was a way into a bright future. Norah was born and brought up in Kenya. Being the youngest of older siblings, they lived in poverty. None of the parents had any kind of education, but like many Kenyan parents, they believed that education is the foundation for life. Her parents always said, “No one will ever steal your education.”  She Graduated from St. Mary’s Lwak Girls High school and Kereri Girls High school respectively. Her parents could not afford university tuition. Though having good grades, none of her siblings could afford college.

The family lost the father at a young age and was left with a mother who had basically no income to feed or even clothe them. By the grace of God, Norah won the US Green Card lottery. She believed that her dreams had come true. Finally she could move to the United States and try her fate in the American Dream! On arrival to the US with her young family she realized that life in America was not gold platted for her. The American dream was a dream that she had to chase. She was in a foreign country trying to raise young children in a complicated cultural and political system. She recalls her early American life, “ Life in the United States was very rough.” She recalls reflectively.

To support her family, she decided to go into the nursing field. She started with a nursing assistant, then within 6 months of her first job in that field her employer asked her if she was interested in going to nursing school. This was a divine providence and she decided to start with the lowest level of nursing. She did LPN (Licensed Practical Nursing). She later did a two-year degree in nursing and became a Registered Nurse (RN). She felt that, that was not enough and decided to complete
Bachelors of Science degree in nursing (BSN). She graduated with a 3.98 grade point average.

Today, Norah has a Masters degree in Nursing (MSN). Her Work career as a nurse has become the love of her life. “I love to take care of my patients with all my heart. My Job gives me a smile everyday and a reason to rejoice.” She writes proudly.  While working in Minnesota she was recognized as an employee of the year after working for only two years. She has received numerous awards for a great job towards patients or patient care. In 2016 she was nominated and honored by the Daisy foundation for being an extraordinary nurse. She has this year been nominated by the Houston (Texas) Chronicles Newspaper as one of the top 150 outstanding nurses.

Norah is a proud Kenyan born and raised woman who did not let her birth in a poor and hopeless family dictate her future. She believed that God sets the path for man. And trusting him, and doing ones utter best has great rewards. Norah Kibagendi is a testimony that the Green Card Lottery does bless many foreigners who are wiling to work hard for the American Dream. Norah lives in Houston; the lone star state of Texas.

Norah’s  words and belief is “Love what you do and do what you love with a smile.”

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)
HT Bluff Associates
Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist


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The Green Card Lottery: A Peasant Daughters’ Joy!

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