NASA principals’ headache ahead of 2022 succession


It is now clear that the 2022 succession politics is the major cause of divisions in National Super Alliance (NASA) and may finally lead to the dissolution of the party.

On Saturday, Ford -Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula declared yet again that he will run for Presidency in 2022.

Speaking in Kisumu, Wetangula even appealed for support from NASA leader Raila Odinga and co-Principals, Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi.

”I want to re-assure Kenyans that come 2022 my name will be on the Presidential ballot,” asserted Wetangula.

The declaration comes at a time when there is foregoing concerns across the opposition coalition that the NASA be disbanded.

Members of the alliance across the political divide have been in the last one week calling for dissolution of NASA with majority claiming that it had  lost its political value.

Wetangula dismissed a Memorandum of Understanding that was allegedly signed a head of the last year’s general election by parties that formed NASA as time barred.

”We made several agreements some of which have been overtaken by the current political developments, so to speak. They are not binding to review,” he said

So far, Amani National Coalition leaders have declared to rally behind the party leader Musalia Mudavadi -one of the key architects of NASA to vie for Presidency in 2022.

Similarly, Wiper Democratic Movement party has also hinted at fielding their party leader Stephen Kalonzo for President making the coalition’s unity fumbling with the challenges.

ODM Chairman John Mbadi has indicated that Raila still is the best man to watch for 2022 – a similar stand that is shared by many of the ODM bandwagons.

And to speak the truth, each of the party Mbadi said had retreated back to put their house in order.

Just recently, ODM secretary general Edward Sifuna declared that they had the majority and will not bow down to share post in Parliament on equal basis.

This is despite protests from other coalition members that they share the slots equitably, one of the signs that showed the alliance unity was at stake.

And speaking at the Kisumu Lions High school where he met with teachers from Western region, Wetangula said he was fit for President and sought the teachers support.

”I am reaching out to teachers to give me aristocrats to join my think tank and campaign team for Presidency in 2022,” he appealed.

Wetangula dared the coalition’s principals Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka to ” try a new horse” this time round.

”Of course my candidacy does not preclude them from supporting me or holding a dialogue to strike a compromise on one candidate,” he asserted.

He acknowledged that NASA leader Raila Odinga still remained the best among the Presidential hopefuls in the Opposition.

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