VIDEO: Police defend shocking footage of woman being manhandled


VIDEO: Police defend shocking footage of woman being manhandled

VIDEO: Police defend shocking footage of woman being manhandledThe National Police Service has defended the actions of two police officers who were recently filmed manhandling a woman at Buruburu police quarters in Nairobi.

A video showing police officers forcefully evicting a woman from her house went viral on Sunday eliciting outrage from Kenyans online.


In a statement, NPS said the woman was given a notice to move out because her spouse, a policeman, has never been since at work since the year began and is assumed to have deserted duty.

His whereabouts are unknown and NPS said a warrant for his arrest was issued on January 31.

Police officials said the woman was notified to vacate the police quarters and get alternative residence after schools close for term one holiday.

In the video that emerged Sunday, the woman is heard pleading with the officers to leave her alone.

“Nimefanya nini? Unanipiga kwa nini…Haki nimekufanyia nini? (What have I done? Why are you beating me? What have I done to you?”) she asked as some people in the background screamed and begged for mercy on her behalf.


Unconfirmed reports said the policeman accused of deserting duty is mentally unwell.

But police officials said they were not aware that he is unwell.

“The family has never reported his whereabouts since January 2018 when he absented from duty.

“We are investigating the matter to establish the whereabouts of the officer and possibly have him taken to hospital for medical check-up,” the statement read.

Source Daily Nation

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