17 annoying phrases Kenyans living in Diaspora like to use


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Diaspora folks may be the most condescending and annoying lot. But one thing you cannot fault is their immense love for their motherland.

While living abroad often gets into their head, they certainly wish things were different. They will also probably troop back home to live happily ever after.

While abroad, Kenyans will adopt foreign cultures and practices which to them, they are the best. To that end, with the adapted culture, they will criticise everything back home from the food to the roads and women. TUKO.co.ke has compiled for you some of the annoying things those living in the diaspora complain about.

17: Kenya’s economy is to slow, we are used to a fast lifestyle.

16: We do not harvest money from trees here in US.

15: I can not do Kenyan food.

14: I can not use the latrine.

13: Kenyan traffic is so annoying.

12: I can not do Kenyan women, they are not real.

11: You people in Kenya are so slow.

10: I can not go to Kenyan churches.

9: I can only take bottled water.

8: I’ve been here for more than 10 years, I can’t speak Swahili or Kikuyu anymore.

7: I can not stand ignorant people.

6: I will book a hotel when I visit Kenya, I can’t go to the village

5: I do not feel safe in Kenya

4: Kenyans do not promote their own.

3: If you want to see me, you book an appointment because I am busy

2: Kenya is so corrupt I can not invest there.

1: Come pick me from the airport when I arrive

By Linda Shiundu


Source Tuko

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