Why Ruto took the girl he adopted to State House Uganda


When Nadia was found buried deep in the forest in 2015, there was little hope for her.

Rescued by a cow that was grazing in the area, Nadia’s body was covered with maggots but one of the cows, as if by divine intervention, showed the owner where the girl’s body was.

She was still alive and was later taken to Madre Ippolata Children’s Home.

This story touched Deputy President William Ruto at the time and he decided to adopt her.

The DP named her Cherono after his mother and made her part of his family.

On Sunday during a visit to Uganda, Ruto told young people that there is hope and in demonstrating this, he went with Nadia to State House Uganda where he met President Yoweri Museveni.

His message was simple, it is possible to be anything.

This story touched may netizens who said God had greater plans for the girl whose story has touched many.


Source The Standard Newspaper

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