Word Of The Day: God’s Mysterious Moves


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And sometimes the way God chooses to do things appears cumbersome or looks like a waste of time and other resources. But if we simply trust His wisdom we would not be bothered about how He chooses to get.
Julia got home and was shocked to discover that her housemaid, Malory, had moved out. As she was about to go back out, though, her new neighbor, Pastor Maxwell, came out of his house, followed by Malory. Pastor Maxwell explained to Julia that while he was working on his car outside his house, Malory came out with her belongings and informed him that she was leaving and wanted him to pray for her and bless her before she went on her way. He soon discovered that Malory was actually trying to run away. The wise Pastor Maxwell decided to question the young lady further, hoping that Julia would be back before he finished. One of the questions Pastor Maxwell had asked Malory was how Julia, the woman of the house, was treating her, and her answer shocked him. Pastor Maxwell said something like this to Julia, “This young lady was so full of praises for you. She said you don’t just profess to be a Christian but actually live an exemplary Christian life. She said you treat her like a daughter and not a maid; she has a bedroom to herself, eats at the table with your family and even though you pay her for her services you still provide clothes, toiletries and everything else she needs, so she saves her money. She said she cannot fault you at all in any way. In fact, I already believed that you’re a Christian because I see you going to church, but I never knew the depth of your Christian walk until I spoke with your maid. I didn’t know that Christians like you still exist in this world. And for your maid who was trying to run away to speak so highly and respectfully about you, you have a very good Christian testimony indeed.” When asked why she was trying to run away from a house where she was shown so much love, Malory couldn’t come up with anything reasonable. It eventually turned out that there was some spiritual manipulation involved in the case. Julia and her husband, Jerry, forgave Malory and received her back into their home. Pastor Maxwell later told Julia that because of the strong Christian testimony she had he would love to regularly get her to minister in the church he was pastoring as he believed that members of the church, especially the women, had a lot to learn from her.
Sometimes people we don’t expect to ever hurt us say or do things to inflict wounds on us. For instance, someone repays you evil for a good deed you did to him. Or maybe someone you have trusted as a friend for many years betrays your trust. A family member makes a big promise to you and then deliberately refuses to fulfill it, thereby dashing your hope. Your boss who has always praised you, depended on you to set things right, and told you many times how much of an asset you are to your department submits your name to be included in the list of employees to be retrenched. You ask him why he did that and he cannot come up with anything that makes sense.
In bringing about His answers to our prayers God sometimes goes through unconventional means. Yes, sometimes He goes to great troubles to achieve something and you wonder why He didn’t just go in a more direct way and do it without any ‘drama’. For instance, instead of allowing Malory to move all her things out of Julia’s house and then use her to introduce Julia to Pastor Maxwell as one who would be a great blessing to his church members, why didn’t God just organize a meeting between Julia and Pastor Maxwell in a much simpler way? Romans 9:20, “Who do you think you are to talk back to God like that? Can an object that was made say to its maker, ‘Why did you make me like this?’” (God’s Word Translation). Romans 11:33-34, “God’s riches, wisdom, and knowledge are so deep that it is impossible to explain His decisions or to understand His ways. “Who knows how the Lord thinks? Who can become His adviser?” (GWT). God is God and, according to Psalm 115:3, “Our God is in heaven. He does whatever He wants” (GWT).
It’s sad that a lot of times Christians fail to respond as Christians should when people do things that hurt them. It is true that even though we are born again we are still perfectly normal human beings who feel pains. We still feel hurt when people treat us in ways that nobody should be treated. However, hard as it is sometimes, we need to try and look at everything from the perspective of God and eternity, which is the correct perspective. Every little thing God allows to come our way is meant to achieve something in our lives which will make sense in eternity. And whatever God wants to achieve through the things He allows may be for our benefit or the benefit of others. Now, imagine if Julia’s housemaid, Malory, hadn’t tried to run away from home and so didn’t speak with Pastor Maxwell. The pastor wouldn’t have known what he now knew about Julia and it probably would never have crossed his mind to get her to speak to members of his congregation. So Malory’s wrong step opened a wide door to Julia and created an avenue for members of Pastor Maxwell’s church to benefit from God’s investment in Julia’s life. Imagine how much damage God has done to the kingdom of darkness and how much blessing He has brought upon the body of Christ through events similar to the one involving Julia, Malory and Pastor Maxwell. We should learn to trust God’s wisdom, power and love. He doesn’t have to do things our way. And sometimes the way He chooses to do things appears cumbersome or looks like a waste of time and other resources. But if we simply trust His wisdom we would not be bothered about how He chooses to get His will done or how He chooses to deliver our blessings to us. We will only sit still, enjoy wonderful displays of His majesty and let His designs and plans move us closer to where He wants us to be.


By Victoria Baiye


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