Chinese man caught on camera referring to Uhuru as a ‘Monkey’ arrested


The Chinese National who was caught on camera insulting Kenyans including President  Kenyatta referring to them as ‘monkeys, has been arrested. According to Robert Alai, the Chinese man will be on the first plane to China tomorrow morning.

A Chinese National has been caught on camera insulting Kenyans including the President  Kenyatta referring to them as as ‘monkeys’. He said that he can be taken to court as there was no evidence on him calling the president a monkey.

“You can go to court, who has the evidence?” the Chinese man posed.

In the video seen by Kahawa Tungu the Chinese national is heard saying that he does not like Kenya because according to him Kenyans smell bad, are black, foolish and poor. In his opinion he would prefer working with whites rather than black people.

“I don’t like it here with the monkey people, I don’t like, smells bad,are poor foolish and black why not employ white people like Americans,” the man identified as Judge said.

He said that the Chinese were only interested in Kenya for money, because money was important to them.

The Chinese man who deals with selling motorbikes in Kenya told the Kenyan talking to him that he would fire him soon as he got to China.

When the Kenyan refused to sign the letter he chased him away.

Source kahawatungu

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