Two Diaspora Kenyans Explore Farming In UK


Two Diaspora Kenyans Explore Farming In UK

Two Diaspora Kenyans Explore Farming In UK

Two Londoners have decided to take the walk of their fore fathers by jointly exploring farming in diaspora. Mr Julius Maina and Mr John Ndegwa who have been allotment farmers for over five years have gone a notch higher from a hobby to commercial farming.

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They have completed several trials with different types of sweet corn, corn, African pumpkins, kale, Japanese Kabocha, terere, managu and butternut squash. This has been possible through a broad consultation with crop researchers locally and internationally.

Mr Maina and Mr Ndegwa are happy this season to present to you their pride of hard labour; freshly tasty harvested corn for roasting and boiling from their farm in Essex.

There is only a limited stock for corn and pumpkins. Please make your order by phoning John on 074 3807 8411 for London area to organise delivery/collection. The early bird catches mahindi choma/chemsha.


Two Diaspora Kenyans Explore Farming In UK

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