Why this photo of Maribe and Jowie has elicited reactions


Why this photo of Maribe and Jowie has elicited reactionsOnce happy lovebirds, sharing moments of their seemingly perfect love life, Jacque Maribe and Joseph Irungu aka Jowie have been reduced to common remandees.

The High Court on Tuesday sent Maribe to Lang’ata Women’s Prison and the lady who once rubbed shoulders with powers that be will be locked up!

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What a dramatic turn of events. Sad to say the least. When she shared photos of Jowie going down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage earlier this year, Maribe had not pictured this.

In July, Maribe penned a sweet message for her fiancé, describing how she would be by his side no matter what:

We’ve been together for a while now,

We’re growing stronger everyday now,

It feels so good and there’s no doubt,I will stay with you…As each morning brings sunrise,

And the flowers bloom in springtime,On my love you can rely,And I’ll stay with you…

Oh I’ll stay with you through the ups and the downs,Oh I’ll stay with you when no one else is around,And when the dark clouds arise,I will stay by your side,I know we’ll be alright,I will stay with you

When the two appeared at Milimani High Court on Tuesday, the gap between them was noticeable and they barely talked to one another.

At one point Maribe could not help but shed a tear as Jowie spoke to his lawyer.

She looked overwhelmed by the circumstances surrounding her and netizens lamented how relationships can lead to our downfall.

One curious tweep even noticed that she did not have the engagement ring, though those familiar with police cells will tell you no piece of jewellery is allowed.

Maribe is set to undergo mental tests before she takes plea as is common procedure while Jowie will be treated for his wound after his lawyer stated that his arm is paralysed.

What looked like a beautiful love story has been cut short after the brutal murder of Monica Kimani.


Source The Standard Newspaper

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