I will take dowry to Italy – Eric Omondi


I will take dowry to Italy - Eric OmondiAfter bloggers picked up a thread from Eric Omondi fiancée’s Instagram and insinuated that their love boat was facing turbulence, the comedian has laughed the assertions off, dismissing them as propaganda.

“Chantal and I are quite fine. She has been in Italy with her family for the last five months and we talk every day. I don’t see why people make such assumptions and conclusions without asking us when we are just a call away. That is really very lazy journalism,” Eric told Pulse.

“They are the same people who complain when I keep posting photos of Chantal and I, saying I should focus on comedy. Now that I am busy with comedy and Chantal is in Milan they say we haven’t been posting photos of each other. Really?” he exclaimed.

On marriage, Eric intimated that he was looking forward to kicking off the process officially by visiting Chantal’s parents in Milan.

“Yes, we are on course. I am planning on taking cows to Milan. Actually, I want to make history by being the first man who took cows to Italy for dowry. I am trying to find out what the process could be.

May be I need to inquire about yellow fever certificates and such early enough,” he told Pulse.


Source The Standard Newspaper

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