An open letter to Uhuru Kenyatta on Moody Awori’s appointment


Allow me to thank you for leading us for the past seven years. I pray that God gives you strength to the end of your term.

I have never had much concern about your leadership style except for corruption and escalating national debts.​

My attention has been drifted to your recent decision to appoint a 91-year-old Moody Awori in public office.

Your Excellency, let me be honest and let you know that whoever gave you that advice to appoint Mr Awori misled you a great deal.

Awori is too old for that position. As much as he may be willing to help, other employees will take advantage of his frailty to manipulate him.

He served this country long enough and at this time, everybody expects him to rest and enjoy his retirement.

Your Excellency, you defended yourself saying youth squander money when given such opportunities. This, to me, is a lame excuse, people of all ages and gender have been involved in stealing. 

If youth are actually stealing when given opportunities, the blame still rests on you who is in charge.

What is encouraging these youths to continue looting public resources? Perhaps the mechanisms put in place to prevent such are weak or are absent altogether.

We gave you the mandate over all institutions and you are supposed to ensure that all people, whether young or old, involved in looting or any malpractices are put to book.

Anybody who steals or abuses public resources and offices needs to be disciplined. If this principle is strongly upheld, others with similar intentions will be deterred from doing the same.

Source The Standard Newspaper

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