Churchill Show comedian Mammito-I have never met my dad


Comedian Eunice Njoki aka Mammito on Friday revealed that she has never met her dad and does not know how she would react if she met him.

In an interview with a local radio station, the Churchill Show comedian spoke about her early childhood and how her mother shaped her to be the woman she has become.

Mammito said that growing up in Kibera slums was not easy but her mother always protected her and she never felt the gap or need to know her father.

“I grew up in Kibera and there were so many challenges. My mum knew all my friends and always asked me where I was going whenever I left the house.

“She is my biggest motivation…I have never met my dad. I don’t know how I would react if we met.

“I have never felt the gap because mum has always been there for me,” she said.

The comedian also talked about crime, drug abuse and early pregnancies in slums and urged the youth to engage in more productive activities that will improve their lives.

She further highlighted some of the challenges in the entertainment industry, stating that one needs thick skin to survive.

“Comedy is just like music…preferences vary. Some people may not like my content and that is just normal,” she remarked.

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Source The Standard Newspaper

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